Beautiful Morning


Springtime is so lovely in Sonoma County. This morning the birds woke me with a symphony of sounds and song. It’s a happy sound to wake up to, much better than the alarm clock. The days have been warm, and the nights cool. The garden is alive and abloom.

The blood oranges are ready. The cool morning air is full of their beautiful fragrance, similar to jasmine. Sweet and delicate, the bees seem to go crazy for the flowers.
I plan to make some marmalade with these, or maybe popsicles.

The hoop house is filled with a jungle of greens. Ruby Swiss chard, spinach, cilantro, and lettuce are all going crazy in here. Time to start eating this stuff! I plan to make a spinach-chard-goat cheese tart soon.
Let’s peek in on the artichokes and see how they are doing. Ah, almost ready!
These are violetto artichokes, a wonderful purple color until you cook them, and then they turn green. Sharp stickers on these babies demand careful picking.
The girls watch me with renewed interest. Are you gonna feed us? You bet. These chicks eat lots of greens, and their egg yolks are rich and golden-yellow. It’s going to be unusually hot today, so I brought them a treat, some watermelon. They love to eat the seeds, and then the flesh of the fruit. It keeps them hydrated. Keep cool chicks.
Have you started your spring garden? What are you planting this year? It’s always fun to plant some thing. The dirt is like a blank canvas, just waiting for some creative embellishment.
Don’t be afraid to try and grow your own food. It’s easier than you think.